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Buried Troubles


Rosaria O’Reilly finds herself in grave danger from those who won’t let go of the past in this thrilling sequel to The Immaculate.

Still recovering from injuries sustained during her last effort in solving a murder, Rosaria is dragged into a new case with ties to the Irish community on both sides of the Atlantic. The victim is an Irish journalism student working on a research paper in Boston. His aunt, a friend of Rosaria’s, reaches out to her for help in solving the case. 

Boston Police Detective Solly Belkin, Rosaria's significant other, wants her to leave the case in his capable hands without getting involved. Nevertheless, determined to help her friend and assert her independence to Solly, Rosaria travels to Ireland for the funeral and continues her investigation there. Soon, she is caught up in a dark web of ancient grievances, old crimes, and secrets that powerful people are determined to keep hidden forever. 

Can Rosaria unearth these buried troubles and solve the murder before the killer buries her instead?

Marian spent time over the last two years researching background for Buried Troubles in Galway City, Clifden, Derrygimlah, and the starkly beautiful Connemara landscape of mountains, bogs and the sea.


Available through Barking Rain Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, and selected bookstores.

The Immaculate

An elderly, social activist nun is murdered.  The Boston Globe Spotlight investigation into rampant clerical abuse will begin in the months following and the opioid crisis will blossom beyond our worst fears.

“Marian Stanley’s THE IMMACULATE draws the reader in with a haunting murder victim, Sister Mary Aurelius, who is as widely beloved as she is feared. A taut, character-rich whodunit.”
Hallie Ephron, New York Times bestselling author of Night, Night, Sleep Tight

“You'll be a faithful fan of Stanley's work when you finish this tale of ambitions and betrayals, powerful figures with something to hide, and enduring childhood friendships - a story which grows more compelling page by page.”
Edith Maxwell, Agatha-nominated author of the Quaker Midwife Mysteries and the Local Foods Mysteries

“. . . each discovery is linked to the next until an edifice of lies and deception crumbles, leaving nothing for the villains to hide behind. Tightly plotted with . . . satisfying twists, the story ends with an unexpected . . . revelation.”
Susan Oleksiw, author of the Anita Ray and Mellingham Mysteries

"Career Transitions"

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Issue 24

Available through Amazon.

A hitman named Richie (aka The Iceman), whose contract agent is the guy behind the counter in a variety store in Queens, completes another professional assignment — flawlessly — in upstate New York. Then, as is his custom, he repairs to a carefully chosen bed and breakfast inn, a prudent distance away, for a night or two of relaxation, meditation and fine food. Richie doesn’t expect to use his professional skill set during his stay at this bed and breakfast, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. And you never know where it’s going to lead.

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